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Summer of 2018!

All our puppies went to their wonderful new homes in the middle of September. :) You can follow the puppy adventures on social media by searching the hashtag #goldenvoyagerpups !

Iā€™m leaving this page up for now so you can see our process as we may have more litters in the future.




Shiloh is a beautiful, healthy, energetic adventure pup! She's our loyal companion and mountain rescue dog. She was born January 2016 and we adopted her with the intent to breed her after she turned two. Over the past two years she's climbed mountains, mountain biked 20 miles, run marathon distances, and more! Everyone is her best friend. :) 



Tucker is the sweetest, gentlest, and kindest golden. He's content to sit in your lap and just love on you. He's a beautiful English Cream golden and has a loving family located in Bend, OR.  Tucker has a beautiful coat, is healthy, and the classic golden blocky face. His heart is pure gold and he is sweet with children and other animals.



  • $800 to adopt your puppy! Same price for males and females.

  • Place $250 deposit to claim your puppy! $550 paid on the day you bring your puppy home at 8-10 weeks old.

  • Puppies come with all health clearances, shots up to 8 weeks, bag of puppy food, towel that smells like Mom, and beginning potty training!

  • Puppies are raised indoors with holistic and natural care and remedies.

  • All the puppies also come with an optional once a month 1 hour litter meet-up/socialization/basic training session for 6 months after they go home with you or up to 8 months old (this should not be in substitute of basic puppy obedience classes) in Happy Valley, OR.

  • We are NOT willing to ship our pups. However, we will be traveling to AL Oct/Nov and can bring 1-2 puppies with us! We will also be traveling to CA in Dec. and can bring 1-2 puppies with us. Puppies available to families within driving distance of OR, or AL in Oct./Nov and CA in Dec. You will be responsible to cover the airline travel fee for an AL or CA puppy delivery.


  1. If you are interested in adopting a puppy from Shiloh and Tucker's litter, please fill out for the forum below and enter the subject line as, "July 2018 Puppy Adoption." We will contact you personally with instructions on how to place your deposit. The deposit is 100% non-refundable and secures your reservation for a puppy from the July 2018 litter.

  2. Please enter your desired gender preference in the message below.

  3. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and why you are interested in a golden retriever puppy!

  4. Puppy selection will take place in the same order as deposits were received. However, we reserve the right for the pick of the litter for Tucker's family.

  5. We are SO excited for you to experience the joy of owning a golden retriever!!!!!

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Commonly asked questions:

  • AKC Registration? Shiloh and Tucker are both registered with AKC. However, we have chosen not to register their puppies. Our goal is to find loving families for each of the puppies who care more about the health of the parents, the lineage, and puppies than paperwork. :) If you're looking for a super-papered-pup to get into show-biz... maybe we're not a good fit for you! We'd love to talk with you more about our reasoning to NOT register these puppies if you have more questions.

  • When can I take my puppy home? Anytime between 8-10 weeks old! Our estimation is mid to late September of 2018.

  • When are you expecting this litter to be born? Around July 20th!

  • What kind of health clearances do Shiloh and Tucker have? Shiloh and Tucker are both extremely well bred goldens that come from great lines. Their line extends back to show dogs, search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs, and more. However, we do not have OFA testing results at this time. We do plan on finalizing these tests in the future.

  • What's the best part about owning a golden? Their loyalty and fun personality!! They will become your loving shadow if you let them. :)

  • What's the worst part about owning a golden? Probably the fact that they shed... it's not a surprise. You'll need a lint roller and a good dog brush. I will say that i'll take the shedding over the grooming expense of a golden-doodle or other "no shedding" fur-babies. Also, the fact that your golden has such a good coat means you can take him/her on all sorts of snow and water adventures without worrying about the cold, sicknesses, or matting of hair.


A lot of people ask us how we've been able to raise such a healthy, fit, adventure-loving golden. Shiloh comes on ALL of our adventures with us. She runs down the slopes behind us while we snowboard, she runs up the slopes as we ski tour up Mount Hood, she runs besides us as we mountain bike through Bend, she swims across Trillium lake as we practice open water swimming, she runs daily with me as I train in the neighborhoods, she chills on her matt while we rock climb, and she NEVER gets tired!! 

I'll be creating an eBook on raising an adventure pup... so stay tuned!