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If you’ve been following along on our adventures over here at RCA Adventures, you’ve noticed we have a golden bundle of energy, Shiloh, who joins in on almost all our fun! She’s spunky, loyal, healthy, and has ENORMOUS amounts of energy! To the point where she’s depressed if we spend 1 day indoors! Hey, it’s not really a bad thing! She gets me out and reminds me daily that it’s important to spend time outdoors, even if that means sitting on the porch vs. sitting inside, and it’s equally important to give ourselves an exercise outlet!

Well, I don’t consider myself an expert dog trainer by ANY MEANS. As a matter of fact, Shiloh’s definitely not the world’s most obedient dog when it comes to greeting people, walking on the leash, and playing gently. However, she is a heck of an obedient dog off leash, running, mountain biking, and is insanely loyal! I’ve written this eBook to help guide and inspire you with what IS possible when it comes to integrating your dog into your outdoor pursuits. There are some limitations and important precautions to be aware of, but, for the most part, your dog is capable of seamlessly integrating into your active lifestyle!

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Huge thanks to Ruffwear for sponsoring this eBook and providing Shiloh with lots of outdoor adventure pieces that make things like camping in freezing temps possible!

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This is only phase 1 of the ebook and who is to say that there can’t be a million revisions in the future! I already have so many more ideas of what to include.

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