What Caused My Stroke at 26 Years Old

Stroke is the leading cause for disabilities in the US according to the National Association of Neurology. Because my symptoms were recognized (by my husband) immediately, diagnosed fairly quickly (by the ER staff at Kaiser), and the blood clot removed (by Dr. Fields who performed a thrombectomy) all within 6 hours since my first symptom, my brain was able to “bounce back’ fairly quickly. I’ll explain what I mean by that later on. :) Trust me, there was still quite a bit of unseen challenges and dedicated recovery.

Essential Oils for Backpacking and Camping

Essential Oils for Backpacking and Camping

I get it… essential oils have basically turned into a “buzz” word these days. Somebody has always got an oil for that... and the tricky thing? Yeah. There are no clinical trials to back the science behind WHAT oils work for WHAT ailments. PLUS most reputable oil brands (as in oils i’m going to trust to put in and on my body) are multi-level marketing companies. Did I get all the elephants out of the room about essential oils now? HA! Now, hopefully with all that said… you’ll still read on and head me out about WHY i use oils for backpacking/camping and WHAT oils have become my tried and true travel companions in the outdoors for EIGHT YEARS now.

Protocol for When You Are Starting to Feel Sick

Not only is getting sick annoying and inconvenient in and of itself, but when it derails my weekend plans to get outside… then you can bet this mama bear is NOT happy! Although I haven’t taken an antibiotic in over 5 years, I’ve still had my share of seasonal colds. However, this year, even while being pregnant and having a lower immune system, I’ve been able to keep the colds at bay and no outside plans have been ruined (fingers crossed!)!