Snowboarding in North Carolina over New Years!

Over New Years Whit, Richard and I headed up to Boone, NC to hit up the slopes! Adventuring with family is truly the best.

Here's a few photos of our trip! Enjoy!

We stayed in this perfect airstream - I'd highly recommend it! Philip and Angela were lovely hosts and the airstream was a dreeeeaaaaam. 

Appalachian Ski Mountain - here we come!

Growing up snowboarding together from the time we were wee babes, getting to snowboard with Whit as an adult and race down the slopes is a real treat! 

The hubby has got some sweet board skills too - probably transferable from his downhill longboarding.

Few things quench my need for speed... snowboarding is one of them. :)

Back at the airstream for New Years Eve - after watching A Star Wars Story: Rogue One, of course.

Bohananza - you plant your beans, trade your beans, and harvest your beans. Do you have a more riveting New Years Eve tradition?

Morning coffee....

Family is the dearest of friends. I treasure each memory I have.